What We Do

What We Do At DRT Communications we believe that our clients can only succeed when they are given the right tools and expertise needed to remain competitive and viable. We offer solutions that are far-reaching and innovative to ensure the greatest impact on our clients' potential and longstanding consumers.

Our services include:

Content Marketing

The creative execution of any communications campaign is the development of content; whether that be developing web, video, media or printed and electronic publications.

Public Relations Strategy

The next time someone sends you a PR Strategy that has a list of press releases... call us. Developing and implementing a PR Strategy takes so much into account. The DRT team is trained to think about our clients communications needs and develop them into as many angles, seeking as much exposure across several platforms as possible. We ask, how can we develop stories and editorial content as far and as deeply as possible so that we ensure to hit our clients target market.

Online & Social Media Management

No communications strategy is complete without addressing the development and implementation of an online strategy. Whether it be B2B or B2C, there is a place and space for every company in the online world. It's time to find and meet your consumers online.

Copy Editing & Copy Writing

A team of dedicated writing professionals, the DRT team is equipped to write and edit copy for any industry and company. We have written for technology companies, schools, financial institutions and even medical associations and so many more.

Marketing Project Management

Logistics, time management and creativity are essential parts of planning a marketing campaign, an event or even the role out of a new brand strategy. At DRT we have the expertise in house to ensure our clients projects are developed, planned and implemented accurately and on time.

And Now Introducing:

Media Monitoring

The first of its kind offered in the Caribbean region, DRT Media Monitoring allows our clients to track all their media communication and even their competitors'. We service our Caribbean clients, by giving them access to what is being said about their brands and products regionally and globally.